The Wavemaker Exhibition celebrates the achievements of twelve outstanding women who have forged successful technical careers within the subsea industry.

I developed the concept as part of the broader Wavemaker Stories campaign funded by the AusGov’s Women In STEM and Entrepreneurship grants.

Our aim was to draw attention to some of the amazing women working in highly male-dominated workplaces. The broader theme was ‘making the women of subsea visible’. Our committee put out a call for nominees for participants. All of their time was volunteered and it was hectic planning around the schedules of incredibly high achieving professionals, many of whom had family and/or other volunteering commitments.

A thirteenth Wavemaker is featured within the exhibition stands. Glass artisan, Silvana Ferrario, began her career as a subsea engineer. Her work is influenced by the ocean and her experiences working in subsea. She turned our STEM project into a STEAM one.

We designed the exhibition to be mobile, so that it could be lent out to any school,  community organisation or government group who would like to increase the visibility of women working technical professions and encourage younger girls to pursue STEM careers. The exhibition can be borrowed from Subsea Energy Australia.

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