I’ve long heralded the benefits of LinkedIn as a professional social platform, however the feedback I often receive is that LinkedIn is for people looking for a job or recruiters looking to fill jobs, people happily employed in jobs just can’t see the value.

That’s why I like to use ex-football player John Ahern as my example of why everyone should have a profile.

After finishing up his football career, John Ahern took to working in hospitality. He now has so many bars and pubs (a whole chain of them in fact), there is very little chance that John Ahern is going to need to use LinkedIn to get a job anytime in the near future, he has just worked out that this is great way to connect with other professionals and a way to take control of his own online identity. You can check out John’s profile  (he will feel very confused over his popularity, as you may or should know, each time someone looks on your profile you get a report of it).

At the end of last year, as part of my work at Subsea Energy Australia, I produced a webinar on Personal Digital Branding. Whilst I managed the comms and IT, subject matter expert Julissa Shrewsbury and my Board member Allison took the stage. I’m reposting it here because I think it has value for anyone wanting to understand the topic of what a personal brand is.


Images courtesy: New Work Consulting

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  • Havva Teede says:

    This was extremely valuable to me, thanks Jess!

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